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Are boys becoming more difficult or are we, society, educators and teachers, increasingly affected by boy behavior? And what do these boys think about it?

Boys want to experiment, explore and explore boundaries. Boys throw a piece of clay at the ceiling to see if it sticks and try to climb a tree as high as possible.

In primary education, children mainly come into contact with teachers and female teachers. In addition, children are tested and tested from an early age; the outcome often determines their entire school career. Where children used to be just busy, restless or inwardly turned, that behavior has recently been increasingly labeled as, for example, ADHD or Asperger. And to keep bouncing boys on the ball, doctors are increasingly prescribing Ritalin and more tools are coming into the classroom, such as headphones and shielding walls.

With her own son’s difficult school career as a common thread, Katinka de Maar investigates how boys in primary and secondary school try to find their way and looks at the bigger picture: Can boys still be real boys in contemporary society?


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Director: Katinka de Maar, produced by De Familie, in co-production with VPRO, with support from Mediafonds